Smart Recruitment Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is RakBoard ?

RakBoard is an online platform that makes it convenient for companies, employers and job seekers to meet and communicate. The platform serves as a hub for companies and employers to find qualified persons to help them with their projects. RakBoard provides a means for communication, monitoring and payment dispersals for both parties.

Is RakBoard a recruitment/BPO company?

RakBoard is a platform that bridges the gap for employers and employees to meet. The system and functions are available to subscribers for their convenience in finding the right person for their business needs. RakBoard is not a recruitment company but with the use of our technology the candidates will be qualified in their created profiles. We follow strict qualification standards to make sure that our pool of available candidates are what you need for your staff. Qualifications such as remote work capabilities and work experiences are met.

Who uses RakBoard?

Companies and employers looking for work-at-home talents and virtual staff to help them with their business needs. Freelancers, part-time and full-time employees that are seeking jobs and looking for legitimate employment to showcase their talents.

How RakBoard works?

Companies and employers will register and create a profile to view the pool of qualified persons that they need for their particular skills. Within RakBoard, they will reach-out to them using the platform’s communication service to assess and interview them to see if they are fit for the position they want to be filled out. When both parties have agreed they can assign tasks and projects that they need to be done. Once everything has been assigned, they can monitor the progress of the tasks and projects through RakBoard’s own monitoring and timekeeping service. Employers can also view a summary of tasks done by the end of the day. Jobseekers will have to register in RakBoard and fill up the necessary fields to create a profile. Once registered, their profile will be available in the pool of job candidates for potential employers to view.

What is the minimum hours required for each job offer?

The minimum requirement is 4 hours a day 5 days a week. With a minimum 3 month contract. The maximum hours of work is 8 hours a day.

How do candidates get paid?

RakBoard utilizes different options of secured 3rd party payment gateways to facilitate payment to the client’s virtual staff.

Does RakBoard have a payroll system that I can use for my staff?

Yes. RakBoard provides a payroll service to give invoices to your staff for their work done. It must be noted that the platform uses third party payment options for the actual transactions.

How does RakBoard qualify candidates?

RakBoard rates candidates for job positions based on their experience and technical skills based on their resume’. It will help employers give an idea on the capability of the candidates before they set up interviews.

Can I hire multiple persons within the platform?

Yes. You can hire multiple persons for a project or various projects that you have. You can also monitor their progress through a dashboard on your account.

Can I hire employees directly using RakBoard?

Once you have subscribed for an account in RakBoard you can use the platforms to recruit, communicate, manage, monitor and compensate your staff. Interacting with your staff outside the platform is a breach of contract between both parties.